Create a new document hash, with optional metadata, for later commitment to one or more public blockchains.

Recommended : Visit the learn about hashes article in the learning center.

This API allows you to submit hashes in one of these forms:

  • Hexadecimal encoded bytes
  • Base64 encoded bytes

The body of the request must be a JSON Object with one of the following shapes:

Hex encoded

  • hash : An even length Hexadecimal string [a-fA-F0-9] representing hash bytes. 0x prefix optional and will be ignored.
  • hashType : a valid hash type (e.g. sha2-256) string

Base64 encoded

  • hash : A Base64 A Base64 encoded string representing hash bytes
  • hashType : a valid hash type (e.g. sha2-256) string

A description is optional, and can be used to describe the Document that this hash represents. Use caution that the Document description doesn't contain any sensitive information.

The response will contain a new id which should be stored alongside the original data, able to be retrieved at a time in the future when a Document commitment is to be verified.

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